Your Photographer Family

Welcome to the world of Memories in Pictures ... by the Carr Family!  We can't wait to start a photographic journey with you!  

Hello, my name is Dave and I started taking pictures about fifteen years ago.  I began by exploring all of the great parks and landmarks we have here in Florida, catching sunrises over the top of the fort in St. Augustine, or the wisps of clouds reflecting off the smooth surface of lakes.  From there, I moved on to more active subjects and was blessed to get the opportunity to photograph some historical reenactments and even traveling to a small village in Guatemala.  I enjoy finding the simplistic beauty of the every day.  A parent comforting a child, a flag blowing in the wind, a puppy playing on the beach, the sun filtering down through the leaves of a tree.  As my own family has grown, my passion for capturing the memories of other families has grown as well - from small family portraits to large celebrations.

Hi!  My name is Jessyca and I'm Dave's wife.  Fifteen years ago, it never would have occurred to me that I would be interested in photography!  I mean, sure, I could take a decent picture of a tourist if I was wandering around the Magic Kingdom - but to be a professional photographer? No way!  But then I met Dave and quickly realized that his hobby was something I was going to have to learn to deal with, and the more he taught me, the more I developed a passion for pictures as well!  As a wife and mom to our four kids, there is nothing more lovely than watching families join together and grow.  I am passionate about capturing everything from the first moments of marriage, to the first moments of life.  Weddings, baby bumps, childbirth, and all the birthdays to follow - nothing says "love" to me more than that!

Hey, I'm Katie!  I have loved watching my parents take pictures of families almost my entire life.  I have been very lucky that they were patient enough to start teaching me at a very young age, and to take awesome visual arts classes at school.  I really like going after the difficult shots, like climbing trees or ducking under low bridges, and adding vibrant twists to simple beauty.  I hope to continue learning from my parents - and maybe even teaching them a thing or two - and keeping our family business going on for another generation to enjoy and celebrate!

Please take the time to browse through our collections of Memories in Pictures ... we sincerely hope you like what you see, and hope to get to know you in the process.